27 May, 2012

living room furniture for small room

Now you can try to design a living room with a capacity of a small room. In a design that need is to determine combinations of room colors and furniture design that we use, and following a few tips to make a small living room to be luxurious and classy.

Here are his tips :

1. Determine the space you'll use for the living room and adjust the layout of his room.
2. Choose a small closet for your bookshelf or you can glue on the wall.
3. Use at least a small sofa sofa occupied enough for two people or three people
4. The design is as good as possible for your heating chimney.
5. Use a table made of glass or transparent so that your room looks great.

Now you can embellish your living room even with a small room. for example see the image above.

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