30 May, 2012

Color combination for Living Room

Usually people who love the vibrant colors are the people who are always happy in his life and the people who always want to look cheerful. so the use of color for interior design is to show identity.

For those of us who love the colors would not hurt if we wear festive colors for home interior design. Here is the design of the living room by using a combination of colors and can be an inspiration to make a living lively and cheerful.

Here is a combination of design Living room with color Orange, Brown and White, using as a base color is white and orange are the basis for a TV spot and brown only as a complement to the use of colored orange adds to Sova design of this room shows up plush and cheerful. The impression created in the cold room.

By giving the green color on the sofa and the wall can cause the atmosphere was cold and crisp, white color remains as a base color and a touch of green and white combination on the wall.

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