Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Find Ideas how to make the living room minimalais and comfortable. Now we can think of the choice of the pictures below to find ideas.

Interior design the attic with a steep roof

Make use of the room your home especially part somewhat slanted roof and sloping walls with how design can make a beautiful and stunning interior and coupled with the window and let the sunlight slim in spatially.

Office Interior design is a unique

Everyone definitely wants something that makes them comfortable in everyday work. This means we have to find something interesting to design office in order to be able to work more focused and cool with a unique Office interior atmosphere.

Create an additional bedroom attic with terrace or balcony On the Roof

Create an additional bedroom attic with terrace or balcony of the roof is a unique idea. The following is a draft Fakro design.

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05 October, 2012

Contemporary bathroom vanity, choosing glass material to furnish your bathroom

Contemporary bathroom vanity could be one of bathroom furnitures which could add a modern touch in your bathroom. many people are interested in decorating their bathroom with this furniture. It is offered in many kinds materials and styles. One of best material that you could choose in having contemporary bathroom vanity is glass. It could give cleaner and larger impression in your bathroom. 

The types of glass contemporary bathroom vanity 

There are several types of glass contemporary bathroom vanity. It could be made of glass and the combination between glass and metal. There are also combination glass and wood which is wood as the legs and the storage. Moreover, it could be designed with no legs. You could install it by attaching your glass contemporary bathroom vanity to the wall. 

In addition, you also could choose glass contemporary bathroom vanity with one or double sinks on to top. It depends on your taste and also your bathroom area. If you have large place, you could put more than one sinks. You do not to be worried iIf you have small bathroom, you could also design it into your bathroom. you could choose small size with one sink on to your contemporary bathroom vanity.

29 September, 2012

30 inch bathroom vanity, selecting it for a small bathroom

30 inch bathroom vanity could be one of your choices in selecting bathroom furniture to decorate your bathroom especially if you have a small bathroom in your house. With its size, it could be fix and could not take more spaces to place it. It could add an anaesthetic touch in your bathroom if you could match your 30 inch bathroom vanity in to your bathroom style. Let’s learn about the things that you have to know in selecting it.

How to select best 30 inch bathroom vanity

Firstly that you have to do is you have to decide the design and styles about 30 inch bathroom vanity. They are offered in various models in the market. You could choose traditional to modern style or other up to date 30 inch bathroom furniture which could complete the beautyness of your bathroom.

But, the most important thing before you buy is you have to think about its price. It would be useless if you still maintain your choice but you do not have enough money to buy it. You could choose the best one which has good quality and suit with your budget. So that, you could furnish your great bathroom with your new.


27 September, 2012

Kids Bathroom : A Playground

Kids bathroom suppose to be the place to enjoy taking a bath and playing in the same time. Since it’s gonna be kids that using the bathroom, probably young kids till preteen age, I suggest, do not put so many accessories on the bathroom since it’s a kids bathroom.

The Style For Kids Bathroom

If the kids shared the bathroom with siblings and they are age between 5-10, I think the kids bathroom better be having some spaces. Having bathtub and shower is great. For sure, do not put toilet and bath tub in the same room, since it’s going to be troublesome in the morning. As for the lighting, bright light will better. I think, you’d better put anti-slip carpet in the kids bathroom just in case they are running to jump to the tub. And, I will let some toys in the bathroom, as long as it’s leaving the bathroom with the kids after they finish showering. And, choose the neutral color for the wall. I’ll choose sky blue or sea blue for the bathroom. Also, I will ensure that there is place to hang the towel inside the bathroom .I won’t let the bathroom to be filled with some characters photos or artists photos. Let it just be a bathroom.

Designing kids bathroom is fun. More fun if we are determine to make it as the playground for the kids as well as the kids bathroom.


26 September, 2012

Remodel Bathroom : Some Suggestions

Remodel bathroom is something that you are needed when you need to refresh your life. Bathroom is indeed a very personal place beside bedroom. Many people experiencing that remodel bathroom could become a mood booster at some points

 Remodel Bathroom : Need Based

When you’re family is getting larger, probably the kids start to grown up, the now existed bathroom for them probably not enough. Especially, if it’s a shared bathroom. The remodel bathroom is badly needed. In this case, you should pick up some efficient ideas of having the right choice of bathroom. As for the bathroom, you’d better not putting the toilet in the same room with the bathtub. Yes, I suggest, it’s separated, if it’s in the same room, remodel bathroom is needed. Since most kids are “active” and you’ll be hearing banging in the door if the bathtub and the toilet are located in the same room. Remodel this kind of bathroom is easy, but take some considerations.

In many cases, remodel bathroom doesn’t mean rebuild the bathroom. Probably just changing the paint color or adding some more lighting also part of the remodeling. In fact, remodel just means changes the ambience or such. It ‘s no need to be so conscious about the phase of remodel bathroom.


25 September, 2012

Bathroom Renovation Ideas : Your Own Style

Bathroom renovation ideas could be derived based on how important is bathroom for many people. It’s private place and modern people using it to relax as well. Beside bedroom, one sacred place could be bathroom. The bathroom renovation ideas could be many things. It could be based on the hobbies or based on the needs. Some people want to display the affection toward something as bathroom decoration but some people just simply do it because of the functions. However, before doing some bathroom renovation, consider the bathroom size and the budget you’re going to spend.
Some Styles of Bathroom Renovation Ideas

As mentioned above, bathroom could be based on hobbies and functions. For the bathroom style with the hobbies representation, there are some looks like how is fishery becoming the theme of bathroom renovation ideas. But, if you want to look classic, use the English style touch on the bathroom renovation. Choose some white or broke white marble floors with matching bathtub, make sure there are places to hold the aromatherapy candles. And, choose the door for the bathroom, with maple color. It’s a classic touch of bathroom renovation ideas.

There are plenty of bathroom renovation ideas. One thing for sure, you must know what is the bathroom renovation aimed to and how much the budget for it. Keep on searching though, for the bathroom renovation ideas.

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