Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Find Ideas how to make the living room minimalais and comfortable. Now we can think of the choice of the pictures below to find ideas.

Interior design the attic with a steep roof

Make use of the room your home especially part somewhat slanted roof and sloping walls with how design can make a beautiful and stunning interior and coupled with the window and let the sunlight slim in spatially.

Office Interior design is a unique

Everyone definitely wants something that makes them comfortable in everyday work. This means we have to find something interesting to design office in order to be able to work more focused and cool with a unique Office interior atmosphere.

Create an additional bedroom attic with terrace or balcony On the Roof

Create an additional bedroom attic with terrace or balcony of the roof is a unique idea. The following is a draft Fakro design.

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29 August, 2012

kitchen dining room combination Classical and Minimalist Design











kitchen dining room combination Classical and Minimalist Design 

Not all design house design has a separate kitchen with room to another, for example a small house that has limited space. of various designs kitchen and dining room had to be in one room so as not to present something much food made in the kitchen. 

The picture below is some kitchen design and dining room into one room both with classic design and minimalist design. of the design under the course we should be able to imagine how we will make the design a kitchen and an elegant dining room, both classic design and minimalist design. 

Hopefully some pictures below can be your inspiration in order to create a comfortable room of your house.

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