Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Find Ideas how to make the living room minimalais and comfortable. Now we can think of the choice of the pictures below to find ideas.

Interior design the attic with a steep roof

Make use of the room your home especially part somewhat slanted roof and sloping walls with how design can make a beautiful and stunning interior and coupled with the window and let the sunlight slim in spatially.

Office Interior design is a unique

Everyone definitely wants something that makes them comfortable in everyday work. This means we have to find something interesting to design office in order to be able to work more focused and cool with a unique Office interior atmosphere.

Create an additional bedroom attic with terrace or balcony On the Roof

Create an additional bedroom attic with terrace or balcony of the roof is a unique idea. The following is a draft Fakro design.

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29 April, 2012

Living Room and Kitchen Design Combination

The idea of this design in quite unique, where kitchen design in the living room. This is a way to get a unique design and ilegan, besides that you also are married and have children, with this design you can control your child closely when he plays. We can control the activity of a child while cooking or just relaxing over coffee. This way is more effective for a mother who wants to be close to her children even be busy with homework. Hopefully these ideas can make for you and your family to get comfortable dwelling eith protecting your family.

26 April, 2012

Living Room and Bedroom Furniture for Small Room

Living Room and Bed Room Furniture for Small Room

Have You ever imagined to create a small room with a variety of functions. Really can not deny that some people just can not have a large house that has a tendency to use a lot. So, have a small room and want to make two functions which combine the living room and bedroom, so this time i gave something unique that i get, among others, is a furniture design that has two functions such as living room and bedroom.

The desaign is able to maximize your space, now you can make it as a place to sit as a living room and also make it into a bed. by regulating the ability of the furniture you can turn your small space into a living room and bedroom

With these design you can maximize your small room with shelves of books plus making furniture design became more elegant and is perfect for those of you who have a small shelter in the use of spatial but more luxurious. 

Combination Living Room and Dining Room Layout

Combination Living Room and Dining Room Lay out.Creating a living room with living in one room is one way to maximize a small space. spatial equivalent would make a more comfortable design. choose a decision to make all guests the dining room is one of the options for designing a comfortable house with small rooms , pictures below are some examples of the design of the living room and  dining room in one room with no insulation.

I hope this could be an idea for you to design your home interior

24 April, 2012

Designer Table and Chairs For Childern

Designer Table and Chairs For Childern. World Child is identical with something funny and even something inda rich colors or colors that are cheerful.So a lot of children's furniture that is circulating in the market and designed according to their world. Something funny and interesting work in accordance with the color they like is the favored child. Tables and chairs are designed for those with attention to design shapes and colors are cute. doing so makes the child will always cheerful and full of joy. Children will feel cheerful when sitting as it is designed with beautiful and comfortable for them. and here are some examples of design for the fruit of your heart.

20 April, 2012

Restaurant and Fast Food Design Minimalis Modern

Here is some dessain restaurant and fast food minimalist modern by a coalescence color and a white ground color , with a design placement of food or window and layouts the room and some table and seats in design with executive style makes visitors felt comfortable with the place of elegant script .

17 April, 2012

16 design bedroom modern and relaxed

The bedroom was a we take off tired after all day yell activity until we yell activity again tomorrow day. A sleeping room should be designed in accordance with personality us and in accordance with what we want and design how who will make our comfortable . Hopefully 16 design a bedroom this could to inspire you to find the idea for the interior of your bedroom

15 April, 2012

Small bedroom with a Minimalist color combination of Pink

Small bedroom with a Minimalist color combination of Pink. Here is the bedroom design is by making use of the restroom and put something useful like Television shelf wall hangings, a wardrobe and dressing table. by optimizing small room and color choice is pink which makes this more modern bedroom. 

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