23 March, 2012

Design kitchen set modern simple with color natural

Space by size 2m x 2m be at an angle left future , near the entrance of a dwelling house. Broad this area sufficient to madea kitchen set modern simple with color natural functional. Interesting here is creativity a interior design in optimize room was.

Not only as a cook who be accommodated in this chamber . There 's two accommodate of activity other place that is present in a compact manner furnish the kitchen table and the cupboard is fast food storage. table designed interesting , furnished with seats two legged fruit of stainless steel with a cutting coated with a sticker .

Design kitchen set modern simple with color natural is designed with form kitchen set model L, side its length used to areas Wash. as well table of fast. In " ergonomics " workflow on kitchen set very coordinated . Namely by the study in between things stove and kitchen sink  Material table top work areas chosen made of material natural stone namely marble .

Wall kitchen set of gilded wrought materials mosaics. Kitchen set is equipped with a storage cabinet at the top and bottom. In the closet storage the bottom mounted accessories complement the dish rack kitchen set of drag as the repository of the dishes so elaborate kerning and not clutter in it. In the top rack of dishes are given drawers for storage a spoon and fork.

The kitchen cabinet sets made from material multiplek cabins lined HPL with the door swing system.  The top of the Cabinet touching the ceiling height 2.4 m from the floor, just below the drop ceiling. The stove is equipped with a cooker hood mounted stick on top of cabinets. Smoke hole is hidden in the closet, so it does not damage the interior design of the kitchen. For additional closet space, making use of the refrigerator, with a choice of two-door refrigerator with capacity over down 237 litres.

Nuance was featured in modern kitchen set with a simple motif is simple and natural color options memorable homey. Structuring open space on kitchen sets is quite Compact with an overall room layout.

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