21 March, 2012

Design bedroom child minimalist with color pink and blue

Design bedroom child minimalist with color pink and blue.
Sweet with pink , a pink color identical with women especially children and often we ever get to see the kids asking for his bedroom in paints with pink .The impression which is prominent from the pink 's sweet and gentle .

No harm decorate the bedroom child with one color dominant fondness child, such as sample design in the bedroom. A pink showy through walls and of chamber furniture this with its appropriate of furniture with concept its main color and the addition of painting patterned flowers be quite girly his this room .

Selection of bed linen with bright colors add an accent on children's dominance of space to sleep. You can apply the example sleeping child with the dominant color combination on a love child.

 Design bedroom child minimalist with color pink and blue.
Soft with blue , a blue color tending to favored boys , a blue color can give coolness and the shades are convenient for its inhabitants . On example design the boys below can show a cross the color so as to cause an impression harmounious.

The explanation of the following :
Granting the light blue on panel the walls of give the impression of soft when we are entering this room , combined with a large and tall glass windows make circulating air in this room smoothly . Small brightly colored painting showed expresi of the boy . Discharging the color blue in combination of a white color of furniture will add harmounious the room , combined with the bedclothes compatible with the color of the alphabet of letters confirmative impression children on sleeping room this . To a couch given color that is different from the color of the room , this meant that a couch visible prominent and not sink with color of the rooms . A carpet with a bright color coarsely fibrous give the impression of luxury .

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