27 September, 2012

Kids Bathroom : A Playground

Kids bathroom suppose to be the place to enjoy taking a bath and playing in the same time. Since it’s gonna be kids that using the bathroom, probably young kids till preteen age, I suggest, do not put so many accessories on the bathroom since it’s a kids bathroom.

The Style For Kids Bathroom

If the kids shared the bathroom with siblings and they are age between 5-10, I think the kids bathroom better be having some spaces. Having bathtub and shower is great. For sure, do not put toilet and bath tub in the same room, since it’s going to be troublesome in the morning. As for the lighting, bright light will better. I think, you’d better put anti-slip carpet in the kids bathroom just in case they are running to jump to the tub. And, I will let some toys in the bathroom, as long as it’s leaving the bathroom with the kids after they finish showering. And, choose the neutral color for the wall. I’ll choose sky blue or sea blue for the bathroom. Also, I will ensure that there is place to hang the towel inside the bathroom .I won’t let the bathroom to be filled with some characters photos or artists photos. Let it just be a bathroom.

Designing kids bathroom is fun. More fun if we are determine to make it as the playground for the kids as well as the kids bathroom.


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