26 April, 2012

Living Room and Bedroom Furniture for Small Room

Living Room and Bed Room Furniture for Small Room

Have You ever imagined to create a small room with a variety of functions. Really can not deny that some people just can not have a large house that has a tendency to use a lot. So, have a small room and want to make two functions which combine the living room and bedroom, so this time i gave something unique that i get, among others, is a furniture design that has two functions such as living room and bedroom.

The desaign is able to maximize your space, now you can make it as a place to sit as a living room and also make it into a bed. by regulating the ability of the furniture you can turn your small space into a living room and bedroom

With these design you can maximize your small room with shelves of books plus making furniture design became more elegant and is perfect for those of you who have a small shelter in the use of spatial but more luxurious. 

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